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Cookie Classes

Please email us directly to learn more about our classes and availability.

In this class you will learn:

  • how to make a simple sugar cookie recipe

  • how to make a batch of royal icing and the various consistencies used in decorating

  • two simple icing "flood" techniques (wet-on-wet and marbling)

Baking Layout

Class includes:

  • 4 pre-baked 3" vanilla sugar cookie hearts for decorating

  • icing colors for frosting 

  • sprinkles/decorations for decorating

  • one-on-one hands-on instructions and tips for basic decorating

  • all the tools and accessories needed to complete and package cookies.

Space is limited...

Because we are offering this class from our home bakery, space is limited to the first six participants.


Payment is due at time of registration. 


Email us directly for more information, details, and policies.

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